Radio Correspondence

Farshad is a C-FAX 1070 Radio security correspondent and provides his view on various topics related to Information Security and Privacy. Previous session recordings can be found below.

Farshad discusses the Equifax breach, one of the largest in US History, with Mark Brennae on C-FAX 1070. [2017-09-12]

Discussion on the Anonymous hacktivist group, with Terry Moore on C-FAX 1070. [2015-08-11]

Farshad discusses the issue surrounding the Spector 360 Activity Monitoring Software on Saanich Mayor’s PC, with Ryan Price on C-FAX 1070. [2015-01-14]…-harassing-him…3548/story.html


Farshad discusses the Hearbleed security bug, disclosed in April 2014 in the OpenSSL cryptography library, with Alan Perry on C-FAX 1070. [2014-04-17]

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